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Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Osceola Wellness Fair and Garden Show. This is an opportunity for local businesses to showcase what you have to offer in health, wellness, gardening and horticulture to hundreds of people. Participation in this event provides you with an opportunity to connect with your community and share your business in a way that printed marketing and advertising cannot. A booth at this fair enables you to interact with prospective and current patrons, connecting them to your business and to the services and goods that you have to offer. As an added bonus, we are providing additional advertising opportunities that allows you to reach even more people. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity for you and your community.

Osceola Wellness Fair & Garden Show
Saturday, April 25, 2015
7:30 a.m. to noon

Osceola High School


Vendor Early Bird Discounted Rates:

  • 10' x 10' booth: $10 (non-profit), $20 (for-profit)
  • 10' x 10' booth with tables and chairs: $15 (non-profit), $40 (for-profit)
  • Electricity: $15 (electrical access is limited and distributed on a first paid basis. 

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